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034-A01-0002 Hat, 034Motorsport Adjustable

  • $7000

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This 034Motorsport Snapback Hat was designed and tested in-house to deliver the most "cool factor" possible for a single garment, in both temperature and street cred.

This new hat is fully adjustable, and features a 6-panel design constructed from durable cotton-twill material. This hat will breath with you and conform to the shape of your head nicely, unlike the wool counterparts on the market that stay hot and sit high upon your head, acting more like a billboard than an article of clothing. Built specifically for 034Motorsport, this all black hat with contrasting yellow eyelets and snap tells the general public two very important things:

  • Akin to Ricky Bobby, you care about going fast.
  • You want to look damn good while doing it too.

In case you're tired of explaining who 034Motorsport is, the detailed tag on the back of the hat will remind your friends and family what we're all about, Go Fast Parts.

Don't miss out on an opportunity to pick up one of these limited hats, that has a little "show" and a little "go."

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