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Cam Follower - FSI - Genuine & OEM - Volkswagen & Audi

The cam follower serves as a barrier between the high-pressure fuel pump and the camshaft that drives the pump. Over time, the cam follower in specific models will start to wear down until there is a hole. As it wears, small pieces and particles can break off and damage the fuel pump as well as the camshaft.

We recommend checking your cam follower:

  • Modified every 15K
  • Stock every 30K

The cam follower is a CRUCIAL part that when fails can destroy an engine. It is simple and easy part to purchase and swap out.  The cam follower is on FSI VAG cars such as MK5 GTI (FSI), MK6R, A3, Scirocco, S3 FSI and generally EA113 engines. Your engine cover will say "FSI".

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Cam follower - 06D109309C - VAGPARTS Australia

Genuine Cam follower - 06D109309C - Audi & Volkswagen - AXX/BWA/CDL

7110245100 - INA Cam Follower/Tappets (OEM: 06D109309C) - VAGPARTS Australia

INA Cam Follower/Tappets (OEM: 06D109309C) - 7110245100 - AXX/BWA/CDL - EA113

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