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034-145-2102 Garrett GTX3071R Billet Wheel Turbo - VAGPARTS Australia

034-145-2102 Garrett GTX3071R Billet Wheel Turbo

  • $2,80000

Introducing the new Garret GTX line of turbos!  After setting the standard in turbocharging in the early 2000's, Garrett has stepped up its line of GT turbos back to state-of-the-art status.  Have your peak flow and spool it too!  GTX wheels are the latest aerodynamic engineering from Garrett Honeywell, essentially what it gets you is the same power as the next biggest turbo but with the same surge and spool characteristics.  In other words, the GTX3071 spools the same as the GT3071R but flows what the GT3076R does.  More power, no compromise.

To boot, Garrett actually has the resources to generate flow maps for these turbos so there is no guessing.

Offered w/o a turbine housing for easy drop in into existing installations, turbine housings available if needed.  Price is for a complete GTX turbo w/o a turbine housing.  Turbine housings are offered here.

Read Garrett's flyer about GTX Turbos

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