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Concours TEMPEST Drying Towel - VAGPARTS Australia

Concours TEMPEST Drying Towel

  • $2595

Forget your old Chamois, and enter the new age of drying technology! No need to wring it out, just enjoy simple, and effective drying. 


The evolution of Concours and cutting edge technology has brought forth a new generation of drying, featuring the TEMPEST Hi-Tech Drying Towel. This new unbelievable Korean weave tricot 1000gsm microfiber is the quickest, softest and most absorbent drying towel available.

The TEMPEST towel has soft sewn edges, which eliminates any chances of scratching over the paintwork when drying. Concours TEMPEST expresses the latest microfiber technology. Unlike popular Chamois and Leather based towels, debris and bacteria are not harbored within the tricot weave of the towel, and TEMPEST can be machine washed. This again diminishes any chances of the fibers inflicting damage onto the surface, and no contamination is imbued into the towel.


1000gsm | 65cm x 40cm (TEMPEST)      

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