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Aircraft Quality Turbo Lock Nut, M10 X 1.5 - VAGPARTS Australia

Aircraft Quality Turbo Lock Nut, M10 X 1.5

  • $1000

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We have looked for years for the most reliable, maintenence free turbo lock nut in the world, and finally we've come across it.  After extensive testing in our Time Attack A4 VR6T, we've found that these high temp locknuts go on and don't loosen or require freqent re-tightening as many nuts on the market do.

Forged from a high temperature alloy that is stable to temperatures over 500F (most nuts are rated below 300F), the locking mechanism won't loose its temper and will contine to hold.  As an added bonus, very small wrench head of only 10mm makes access much better than with larger headed nuts (especially on 1.8t exhaust manifolds)

Torque to no more than 10 ft/lbs


This is the finest turbo lock nut we can offer in the 10mm x 1.5mm size.

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