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034-201-4000 Head Stud Set, 24V VR6 - VAGPARTS Australia

034-201-4000 Head Stud Set, 24V VR6

  • $64000

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Finally, an affordable head stud set for the 24v VR6, we build this set using ARP hardware, this is not an "off the shelf" ARP kit.  Features 11mm studs with nuts, washers and ARP moly lube.  Does not fit the R32 motor w/o modifications, the R32 uses 10mm studs, to fit on an R32 the block must be tapped out to 11x1.5mm and the head drilled out 1mm larger as well.  Block Thread Upgrade Kit from M10 to M11 is available to offer a complete solution. 

Recommended for boosted applications or high revving NA to achieve superior  head gasket sealing.

Priced per set for 1 motor.

Torque Specs: 80 ft/lbs.

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