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034-108-3009 MAF Hose, B5 RS4, Silicone Reinforced - VAGPARTS Australia

034-108-3009 MAF Hose, B5 RS4, Silicone Reinforced

  • $16000

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The finest quality reinforced silicone MAF hose for the RS4. Designed to go from the RS4 MAF to the 2.7T or RS4 Y-Pipe, this hose is a drop-in replacement for the OEM RS4 MAF Hose. Directly modelled from the OEM hose to ensure optimal fitment.

Features a larger inside diameter and smoother surface for better flow, and stiffer construction to prevent collapsing. Manufactured from high-quality automotive silicone for life long reliability.

IDs measure approx 88 and 90mm. This hose is compatible with most 85mm MAFs on the market, including our own.

Available in black only.  

Note: Includes new hose clamps!

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