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Coilpack Wiring Harness - 1J0971658L

Coilpack Wiring Harness - 1J0971658L

  • $19950

Part Number: 1J0971658L

Manufacturer: OEM / Audi Original Factory Equipment

Application(s): Audi & VW 2.0 engines. This harness comes from a Jetta, but can be spliced on to most1.8/2.0 engines, and should be used where the original harness is getting old and cracked/split. An old and damaged wiring harness can cause ignition problems. If your harness has exposed wires or the jacket on the wires is cracking, etc, consider replacing it. If you're not sure if this part will fit your vehicle, please send us a message and we can help figure it out.

We also have the red wiring conduit/housing to tidy up the engine bay.

Description: Wiring harness

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