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078145701S & 078145702S - K03 Turbo Set for 2.7T

  • $2,49500

Part Number: 078145701S & 078145702S



078145701H 078145701SX 078145703HV
078145701HV 078145703B 078145703HX
078145701HX 078145703BV 078145703L
078145701L 078145703BX 078145703LV
078145701LV 078145703C 078145703LX
078145701LX 078145703CV 078145703R
078145701R 078145703CX 078145703RV
078145701RV 078145703D 078145703RX
078145701RX 078145703DV 078145703S
078145701S 078145703DX 078145703SV
078145701SV 078145703H 078145703SX



078145702H 078145704B 078145704HV
078145702HV 078145704BC 078145704HX
078145702HX 078145704BV 078145704L
078145702L 078145704BX 078145704LV
078145702LV 078145704C 078145704LX
078145702LX 078145704CV 078145704R
078145702R 078145704CX 078145704RV
078145702RV 078145704D 078145704RX
078145702RX 078145704DV 078145704S
078145702S 078145704DX 078145704SV
078145702SV 078145704H 078145704SX
078145702SX 078145704HL


Manufacturer: OEM / Audi Original Factory Equipment

Application(s): 2.7T engines in the B5 S4 and C5 A6.

Description: These are brand new, OEM turbochargers for the 2.7T. They are not remanufactured/rebuilt. Part numbers ending in X indicate they are remanufactured. 

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