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(PCV) Oil Separator -Audi & Volkswagen - EA888 2.0 TFSI - MK6 GTI - 06H103495AH

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(PCV) Oil Separator -Audi & Volkswagen - EA888 2.0 TFSI  -  Volkswagen MK6 GTI -  06H103495AH 

Fits A3 8P 2.0 TSI, Tiguan 2.0 TSI, MK5 GTI 2.0 TSI, Jetta TSI, MK6 GTI, EOS TSI, Passat TSI

This part is designed for the TSI engine only. This can easily be found on the engine cover of your 2.0T VW/Audi. It will clearly be stamped TSI or TFSI.

Crankcase ventilation valve / oil separator. Replace this to fix idle issues and prevent carbon build up. Bad PCV valves can cause engine oil contamination, sludge build-up, oil leaks, high fuel consumption, and other engine-damaging problems, depending on the type of failure. These are a consumable and replaceable item. Replace every 50,000 km.

Equivalents: 06H103495A, 06H103495AC, 06H103495E

Applications: Some EA888 2.0T engines

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