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034-A03-0000 - License Plate Frame

  • $2000

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Do you like to speed?  Do you like to go fast?

Do you get speeding tickets?  Have you been in a high speed car chase? Have you been chased by dozens of police cars, covered by local and national news agencies alike?

Were your tires punctured by a spike strip?  Was your car rammed, pinned between a retaining wall, your window broken out?  Were you dragged out from the glass sharded opening, beaten and thrown in jail?

Fear no more, drive with ease and confidence with the 034Motorsport license plate frame!  Guaranteed to prevent authorities from ramming and beating you, if you are accosted by authorities just call us for a full money back guarantee!

But wait, there's more!  Order today and we'll include at no charge a high quality box and packaging, guaranteed to protect your new license plate frame from any damage!

Order yours today!

(Note, speed at your own risk, police beatings hurt and are real, you may never heal the same, you could die)

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