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034-A01-2000-XXL 034Motorsport Hoodie (XX-LARGE) - VAGPARTS Australia

034-A01-2000-XXL 034Motorsport Hoodie (XX-LARGE)

  • $6000

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Are you insistent on only the finest urban fashions?

Does the back of your neck get cold? Do you often find the need to draw tightly a halo of fabric around your face? Does your desire for utility demand a convenient pocket located at your abdomen for the storage of paraphernalia, but not to the extent of needing a fanny pack?

Do you insist on wearing the same outer-garmet 6-8 months out of the year, only washing inadvertently by rain? Did you used to be a skater in 8th grade? Do have have an insatiable appetite for highly boosted engines that causes your hood to levitate at an angle perpendicular to the Earth's gravitational pull? Then you need an 034Motorsport Hoodie, need we say more.

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