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Bosch Tri-Electrode Copper Plug, Heat Range 5, Resistored

Bosch Tri-Electrode Copper Plug, Heat Range 5, Resistored

  • $2000

This is the high quality Bosch plug we use in our ultra-high output engine builds to 600whp and counting.. Same heat range as the F5DPOR, we've found that this plug provides a hotter, more powerful spark than many other plugs we've tested, including much more expensive "Iridium" plugs.  Also outperforms Bosch Platinum plugs.

Bosch heat range 6, good all around turbo plug especially on pump gas.  This plug also features a resistor to greatly decrease EMI and radiated noise, we use this plug in the UrS4 for example and non-resistor plugs have been known to cause the dash to shut off under heavy load.

We do not recommend this plug for engines with distributors as the gap is too large and causes spark scatter inside the distributor cap.

Pre-gapped from the factory, just thread in and use.

Highly recommended for high output 20v I4, 2.7tt and I5 turbo applications.

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