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034-106-3020 Audi 7A EFI Injector Adapter Kit for B3 Audi 80/90/Coupe Quattro I5 20V - IMPROVED - VAGPARTS Australia

034-106-3020 Audi 7A EFI Injector Adapter Kit for B3 Audi 80/90/Coupe Quattro I5 20V - IMPROVED

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034Motorsport's complete 7A EFI injector adapter kit upgrades the failure-prone factory 7A fuel injectors with modern high impedance Bosch fuel injectors. The Bosch injectors supplied in the kit are an exact match for the stock Hitachi injectors, but offer more consistent flow and superior atomization. Provides improved idle, part-throttle response, fuel economy, and horsepower over stock Hitachi injectors.

We recommend this upgrade not only for maintenance and repair, but also as a performance upgrade with a dyno proven 5 WHP increase throughout the powerband over stock Hitachi injectors. Maintains stock air-fuel ratios at idle and part throttle, and a steady 12.5:1 AFR under wide-open-throttle. Breathe new life into your 7A engine for a fraction of the price of a single stock Hitachi injector!

What's Included:

  • 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Injector Adapters (Set of 5)
  • Bosch style High-Impedance Fuel Injectors, (Set of 5) - (The original Bosch injectors we used have since been discontinued by Bosch, what we supply now are high quality, flow tested replica injectors made by a major injector manufacturer to replace the original Bosch discontinued injector)
  • Necessary O-Ring Seals for Installation
  • Plug-In Resistor Bypass Harness 
Installation Instructions:


  • 1990-1991 Audi 90 20V Quattro (7A Inline 5-Cylinder 20V Engine)
  • 1990-1991 Audi Coupe Quattro (7A Inline 5-Cylinder 20V Engine)

Please Note:

This kit supplies high impedance injectors. The stock resistor pack must be bypassed by rewiring or using our supplied Audi 7A EFI Plug-In Injector Resistor Bypass Harness,

We update the injectors that come with this kit from time to time, so the injectors you receive may not be identical to the ones pictured.  This is done in an effort to always supply the most current, up-to-date product possible.

Included Plug-In Resistor Bypass Harness:

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