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Cam follower - INA 71102410 (OEM 06D109309C)

Cam follower - INA 71102410 (OEM 06D109309C)

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Part Number: 71102410

Manufacturer: INA Germany (INA/LuK/FAG)

Application(s): Audi & VW 2.0TSI/TFSI engines (AXX/BWA/CDL). If you're not sure if this part will fit your vehicle, please send us a message and we can help figure it out.

Description: Fuel pump cam follower (tappets). The cam follower is an important maintenance part, and should be replaced every 60-80K km. If you have upgraded your fuel pump to an HPFP, replacing this part is even more important as it is put under extra strain.

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