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034-912-0003 Glue, Laceration Closer - VAGPARTS Australia

034-912-0003 Glue, Laceration Closer

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Often our lives are blotted by Staccato moments, stop motion events that come together which allow us to perform our most beloved task - wrenchin' on our steel and rubber.

When it comes time to getting down and dirty, the last thing you need is to have a perfect Wed. evening (after the kids soccer game, after drinking with your buddies, after telling your girlfriend you were too tired to see her and you needed to get to bed early) ruined by splitting your finger tip wide open on a heat shield you knew you should have de-burred.

Either you can rush yourself off to the ER, frankly a waste of time, or, you can patch yourself back up and get that turbo buttoned up before its time to leave for work at 7AM.

Introducing the 034Motorsport Laceration Closer, a medical grade sterile "superglue" that allows you to quickly, easily and painfully glue your cut closed so you can continue unhindered in your automotive task.

Includes one sterile 1 ounce bottle to eliminate approximately 2000 stitches, and a Medical Certificate of Compliance signed by the technical manager of ASI to guarantee its MSDS (Medical Saftey Data Sheet).

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