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Flywheel Insert, Audi V8 Aluminum - VAGPARTS Australia

Flywheel Insert, Audi V8 Aluminum

  • $92000

If you're doing a V8 engine conversion, or are converting your automatic to manual, this is the flywheel insert for you.

Bolts into a stock ABZ (or similar) automatic flex plate and contains a steel friction surface and clutch mounting provisions.  The ABZ flexplate contains the starter ring gear and also a nice 60-2 tone ring perfect for using the Motronic* or standalone engine management (preferrably 034EFI ;) )

CNC macined inhouse from 6061 Billet Aluminum, the finest quality. Can be used with all 10-bolt V8 motors.

Weighs 15lbs with the ABZ flexplate.

This flexplate is designed for use with the UrS4/S6 clutch kits and will work with any 01A and 01E transmissions. Clutch kits are availible here: Spec or Southbend

 *If using a factory motronic computer the VR sensor will need to be relocated to the same position as the automatic transmission. This is not the same location as the manual transmission cars with 60-2 flywheels.

**This insert is designed to work with 'late' model ABZ flex plates. These flex plates have an outer ring height of ~7mm, if your flex plate is and earlier model with a step of 10+mm this insert will not work without modification to it, or your flex plate.

***Due to casting and machining  variances on the large number of quattro transmissions out there it may be required to clearance some material inside the bellhousing as this kit utlizes a taller clutch basket assembly than found in some models. The clearancing  required (if any) is usually very minimal.

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