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Flywheel, Audi I5, Tilton Clutch

Flywheel, Audi I5, Tilton Clutch

  • $1,29000

High performance flywheel for use with Tilton and similar clutches. Fits applications with Audi I5 and either 01A or 01E transmission. This flywheel excels when a lightweight, free-revving setup is required with ultimate holding strength. We can supply Tilton clutch packages rated for over 1300 ft/lbs TQ if needed.

Item is currently out of stock. Please inquire with a sales representative if interested.


  • CNC machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • For use with Tilton and other 7.25 " clutch kits on the market (with same dimensions as Tilton), fits Tilton twin cerama-metallic and triple sintered iron clutches. (Custom clutch fitment available)
  • Clutches specified for .100" preloading step (custom is available)
  • 9.6lb weight for fast reving and rev-matching
  • Thick 1/4", 6.35mm 1018 steel friction surface for long wear and good heat resistance
  • For use with OEM Motronic crank trigger TDC pickup (60-2 available)
  • Grade 12.9 strengthened steel allen bolts included for crank fitment
  • New pilot bearing and steel pilot bearing circlips included

Price each, typical lead time 1-2 weeks depending on specification.

Pressure plate bolts should be torqued to 20ft/lbs, Flywheel to crank bolts to 60ft/lbs with red loctite on both the threads.

Please Note: We now have an option to add a built-in steel 60-2 tone wheel to this flywheel.  If you order a version with 60-2, steel pins INSIDE the aluminum make up the tone wheel, DO NOT DRILL THROUGH THESE PINS IN AN ATTEMPT TO BALANCE THIS FLYWHEEL!  It is already very close to being balanced, aluminum material can be removed from the engine side of the flywheel, adjacent to the ring gear, if needed.

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