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Crankshaft Bolt, ARP, 06A 1.8T and 2.0T FSI

Crankshaft Bolt, ARP, 06A 1.8T and 2.0T FSI

  • $8000

The crank damper and timing belt driver gear interface is one of the most sensitive issues with the 1.8T/FSI engine in performance applications. This interface does not have a high safety factor from the factory, and when combined with higher RPM, it can often fail.

The loss of timing often causes massive destruction, either bending valves or worse, breaking them off and destroying the valve / head / pistons. Recently, Integrated Engineering has spent significant time working to improve this interface.  Also, through a collaborated with ARP this aerospace grade fastener has been produced which allows a higher clamping load on the timing belt pulley to be used. This ensures that the joint will not slip and shear the keyway. In addition, these high quality fasteners are far more consistant then the factory pieces. The factory bolts are frequently quite beat up because they are shipped loosely without thread protection- this can lead to erratic clamping loads.

Using this bolt along with our ARP 1.8T Camshaft Bolt will offer a much stronger timing setup than OEM.


  • Increases clamping force on the gear by 10%
  • Totally reusable
  • Made to the highest quality standards
  • Extremely consistant clamping
  • Threads rolled after heat treat


  • Late 06A/06B 1.8T Engines
  • 2.0T FSI Engines

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