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Boost Control Valve, Direct Acting, PWM Controlled

Boost Control Valve, Direct Acting, PWM Controlled

  • $16000

Direct acting boost control valve, built to industrial specifications to withstand the brutal environment of the turbocharged engine.

Use with 034EFI GPO's or any Standalone with PWM outputs.  Can also be used with Bosch Motronic ECU's (will plug right in) but will offer a different boost profile than the N75 valve so will require custom tuning.

A high quality upgrade to the cheaply made N75 valve which is prone to leaking or breaking.

Includes a 2-pin Bosch connector pre-installed with a weatherproof rubber boot, and brass thread in fittings for 5/16" hose.

To Connect:

  • Port # 1- Atmosphere, Vent
  • Port # 2- Wastegate Actuator Control
  • Port # 3- Boost Pressure Reference (Intake Manifold or Compressor Outlet)

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