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034-107-2008 Coil, 034 High Output DIS Coil w/Built in TTL Driver - VAGPARTS Australia

034-107-2008 Coil, 034 High Output DIS Coil w/Built in TTL Driver

  • $16000

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Introducing the 034EFI High Output DIS coil with build in transistorized ignitor, perfect for use with OEM and other aftermarket ignition systems that don't have high current coil drivers and must rely on an external Power Stage (Ignitor).

For example, many OEM Motronic systems have very low current, high side coil drivers that must be used with an ignitor, these external ignitors are unreliable and limit current to the coil.

Also, some systems like the AEM EMS or the Autronic SM2 use these same, low amperage drivers which often requires a $1k CDI box to even use the system with a conventional coil.

034EFI High Output DIS coils with built in transistorized driver allow a high current, 20 Amp driver to be integrated with one of the most powerful coils on the market, giving over 50-60kk Volts of spark energy w/o any other ignition boxes or components.  Used on some of the most powerful engines in the world!

Price each, includes connector and pins.

Primary Inductance = 4.8 mH, the Primary Resistance = .5 Ohm  =/- 10%

Note, we recommend grounding C & D both to the cylinder head.

Audi 3B 20VT Specific Instructions

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