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034-107-2007 Coil, 034 High Output DIS Coil - VAGPARTS Australia

034-107-2007 Coil, 034 High Output DIS Coil

  • $10000

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Powerful ignition coil, easily capable of over 100kV output. Compact design for use in multiples in direct fire applications (one per spark plug), as single coil in distributor applications, or use 4 driven off 2 drivers for 4 cyl. waste spark applications.

Built to our specification by one of the largest Coil Manufacturers in the US. Don't be fooled, its not red or filled with hollow pockets of plastic, just compact, dedicated performance.

3-wire connector, included.

Primary Inductance = 4.8 mH, the Primary Resistance = .5 Ohm  =/- 10%

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