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034-106-7011 Audi 10v Fuel Rail Mounting Brackets - VAGPARTS Australia

034-106-7011 Audi 10v Fuel Rail Mounting Brackets

  • $11000

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Beautifully crafted Audi 10v fuel rail mounting brackets, interface with the valve cover mounting nuts and the 034EFI 10v Fuel rail, precision laser cut and CNC stamped, adjustable to accomodate most popular fuel injectors.

Also use with custom fuel rail mounting. Includes 5mm fasteners and washers.

(note, small bending variances can exist in any sheet metal product like this, these brackets are CNC bend but when combined with variation mounting to the cylinder head some small tweeks in the "bend angle" may be required.  These can easily be accomplished by bolting the bracket to the head and bending it to the correct angle needed)

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