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Exhaust Manifold, 20v Audi I5, "7A Turbo Manifold"

Exhaust Manifold, 20v Audi I5, "7A Turbo Manifold"

  • $55000

An affordable, high quality turbo manifold for the Audi 5-cylinder 20v (Circa 1983-1997).

Allows nice packaging in the 7A motor and other motors, even allows use of the stock 7A intake manifold and Air Conditioning.  Turbo position has been optimized to fit in the stock 7A engine compartment, but will also work nicely with custom turbo projects as well.  Our concept for this manifold was as if Audi had released an OEM turbo manifold for the 7A.

The manifold features:

- Large internal diameter runners with smooth transitions for high flow

- T3 turbo flange with threaded holes for studs

- Thick wall construction, precision cast from high nickle ductile Iron, CNC machined for perfectly flat surfaces and precise fit

- Exhaust flange accomodates even 20vt stud counts for leak free sealing

- No wastegate provision for clean and reliable internal wastegate routing

This is the manifold that is included in our 7A turbo kit, we recommend it for applications up to 600HP.

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