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034-102-3000 Heater Hose Pair, MkIV Volkswagen 1.8T with Big Turbo - VAGPARTS Australia

034-102-3000 Heater Hose Pair, MkIV Volkswagen 1.8T with Big Turbo

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Installing a big turbo in a Mk4 has always been a challenge, namly due to the huge bundle of heater core hoses right where the turbo would normally want to sit.  Not only are the hoses in the way, they are dangerously close to some serious heat sources.  This kit specifically fits early Mk4 1.8t 2000 through 2001, this can be made to work with later cars with some adaptation.

After messing with these hoses for far too long, we finally decided to create a solution and address it once and for all.

This Mk4 Heater Hose pair allows plenty of room for most big turbo installs and brings heater hose lines way below the turbo area and back up to the motor to meet with heater hose hard lines.

Install Note - tight 90's both go on the heater core inlet/outlet, then fit hoses to determine best fit.

The only modifications required are:

  1. Cut the OEM plastic ends out of factory heater hose lines so that silicone hoses can be clamped onto them to attach silicone hoses to heater core
  2. Cut one heater metal hard line (mounted to the driver's side of the motor) back 6-8", which also allows more room for turbo mounting and intake.

High quality reinforced silicone will withstand abuse and plenty of heat, and also make your life easier with more room.

Price per pair, only available in black.  Kit now includes hose clamps!

Modifying the Metal Hard Line:

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